Mythic Madness

Xiyonat a posted May 12, 17

It has been a while since I have posted a blog which covered the progress to date, so here goes!!!

Guldan heroic died on the 6th April 2017, and the following raid we had the numbers to go into Mythic Raiding with vengeance for the first time this expansion.

The group formed, and within a few attempts the big Scorpion was killed.

The mythic madness didn't stop there, we moved swiftly onto the Anomaly!!!

We were progressing slowly and perfecting the tactic, when there was a break in Mythic raiding as 6+ raid members had some issues to deal with. Ultimately, on the 11th May, there was a reinvigoration of the Mythic raiding and we one shot Skorpyron to move back onto the Anomaly.

Things were progressing well, we had managed to get further than we had before and things were looking promising, and once we had perfected the last set of adds, the boss swiftly obliged by getting out of our way!!

At this point, we had 40 minutes left of the raid, so it was going to be a few attempts on Trilliax. We had heard that Trilliax was somewhat easier than Anomaly, and that showed as on the 4th attempt the big cake thrower was dead and United by Fate moved onto 3/10M

Now we move onto Krosus or Tichondrius for further progression with a few to getting as geared as possible for when Tomb of Sargeras launches. For now, onwards and upwards in Nighthold Mythic.

Kind Regards