Week 1 Bonanza!!

Xiyonat a posted Jun 28, 17

The day approaches where Week 2 of raiding ToS begins so it is a good time to recap on our progress to date.

On Wednesday we went in and cleared 6/9N, with the remainder being left until the following night. Thursday, there was a kill on bosses 7 and 8 with Kil'Jaeden still standing.

This meant that the following Monday raid would need to clear KJ, and start mobilising into Heroic mode. The raid met the challenge and killed KJ within 45 minutes, which left the remainder of the time to focus on HC.

First Up - Goroth, The Loot Pinata!

Second Up - Dastardly Demonic Inquisition

This one proved to be more difficult with most of the raid dead at the end!!

Third Up - Harjatan

So to conclude, week 1 raiding ended with 9/9N and 3/9HC

Kind Regards